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Orange Pumps Engine Drive Pumps

Orange Pumps has developed a unique range of engine driven pumps for fi ghting fi res and other water transfer applications by combining high pressure, high volume and excellent self
priming. The Utility Pump has been developed in Melbourne over many years by an experienced team of engineers.

Integral to the design of the pump is the torque tuned impeller which maximises the engines horse power enabling more pressure to be delivered with every increase in revolution of the shaft. The UP range is unique in the market by delivering up to 120 metres of pressure from a single impeller.

Pressure is only really useful when it is delivering volume and the UP range can do both. The wide vanes on the impeller can allow large volumes of water to pass through. The UP range can produce up to 550 litres per minute or around 250 litres per minute at an operating pressure of 60 metres.