Orange Pumps

Our Story

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Our Company
Our mission is simple - design, manufacture, distribute & support the best & most reliable pump solutions. Orange Pumps local engineers based in Melbourne have been developing water pumps for many years that keep performing in the most adverse conditions for long periods of time.

Our Products
Our range of products includes jet, centrifugal, multistage and regenerative turbine pumps each with different performance characteristics to suit different applications. There is a choice of switches and pressure tanks to convert these pumps into automatic systems. Petrol or diesel engines are available with the high performance Utility Pump for fighting fires and other applications. A full range of spare parts, service and advice is available through our qualified distribution network.

Our Support
Our staff are experienced in pump selection, installation requirements and product construction so that we can respond quickly to enquiries. Our aim is to offer effective, efficient water supply solutions with a focus on personalised customer service.

Our History
Orange Pumps is owned and operated by the Davey family, who have a long history of designing, manufacturing and marketing water pumps in Australia. In 1934 Frank Davey began his business by servicing the market gardener’s automobiles at the Queen Victoria Market in North Melbourne. The business has since expanded from auto-electrical repair to Davey Water Pumps. In 1967 Don Davey started Onga Pumps which developed a range of products for the water supply industry in Australia and overseas. The company prospered which induced a change in the equity structure. In 1996 Don Davey started Orange Pumps and today James Davey, with a team of experienced managers, operates the day to day business operations of Orange Pumps.

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